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Squiggle.gif (79 bytes)  1. Concourse:

Restored to perfection. A 100-point car with no deductions for non-originality, condition, function, cosmetics, etc. A Show car that is driven only in or out of an enclosed trailer. This is true Concourse quality, the type of car that routinely appears at the Pebble Beach Concourse, Meadow Brook Concourse, etc. The car is correct right down to the last nut, bolt and washer. It needs absolutely nothing for repairs, cosmetics, mechanically.

Squiggle.gif (79 bytes)  2. Show:

Professionally restored to high quality. About 90 to 95 points, with only very minor flaws. Would win a trophy every time out in local, regional and most national competition. Needs no major bodywork, but may lack a few minor details such as correct components, may not be 100 percent detailed under the hood or chassis. Would need nothing to ride or drive, show or enjoy. Generally it takes a major effort to move a 2 car to a number 1.

Squiggle.gif (79 bytes)  3. Street/show:

An older but still presentable restoration or a clean solid original car with no major obvious cosmetic or mechanical flaws. A car that is driven to shows unless trailered great distance. Usually about 80 to 89 points on most judging scales. A majority of cars at a regional show would fall into this category.

Squiggle.gif (79 bytes)  4. Driver:

A collectable car that is driven regularly, even daily, but kept in top-notch condition mechanically and pretty decent cosmetically. Would have nice straight body with no major visible rust, fully functional. May need interior, paint, some work. Would rate 70-79 points. A 20/20 car where flaws would not show at 20 feet or 20 mph.

Squiggle.gif (79 bytes)  5. Restorable:

A project car that may be drivable but needs about everything from body work, interior and mechanical. Could be a daily driver or stored for years in the barn. Car is relatively complete and restorable without an unreasonable amount of work and expense. Might not be drivable but should be towable and rolling.

Squiggle.gif (79 bytes)  6. Parts Car:

Not restorable. Too far-gone in terms of deterioration or stripping, but too good to send to the crusher. Must have a good percentage of usable parts. May be badly damaged with most parts there.



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