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Consignment Agreement and Terms

Policy and Standards for Consignments.

The following outlines our consignment agreements. The purpose of consignment is to provide a service to sell your vehicle with us getting paid only when a sale is made.

To do this we have an investment up-front with file setup, advertising fees, staff time, phone calls and answering buyer questions. For this reason we are looking for "serious" sellers that will work with us to get the job done. In order to have a consignment work as smoothly as possible we use the following guidelines.

Consignment: This means you the seller agree to have us advertise and promote your vehicle for sale. This means a commitment on the seller's part to actually sell the vehicle when we have a buyer. If sellers happen to sell the vehicle themselves they have an obligation to notify us immediately that the vehicle is sold. If a seller does not notify Hot Rods by HG™ of such sale with in 24 hours, the seller may be subject to a service fee. Service fees are to cover the above mentioned expenses that would normally be included in the commission and will run 2-4% of listed sale price. Notification can be by phone conversation with staff, e-mail, fax or overnight mail. Leaving a message on voice mail or answering machine is not considered notification.

Photos:  In order for us to successfully sell your vehicle in a timely manner with minimum hassle, we must have high quality photos of the vehicle from various angles.  Shots needed are:

bulletFull shot, entire car           Engine
Interior                                Trunk
bulletRight front (rf)                     Chassis        
bulletLeft front (lf)
bulletRight rear (rr)
bulletLeft rear (lr)

Photo's on disk should be of good quality (sharp) and saved at a resolution of 72dpi at about 10 to 12 inches in width (Adobe PhotoShop works best for this), we will crop and resize them as needed.  Save them as a *.jpg or *.tif format.

Send scans via email to:

Send scans on disk through the mail to: Hot Rods by HG, Harlan Goerger, 5057 171st R Ave SE, Horace ND 58047. 

Send actual prints to: the above address also.

Note: All photo's sent to us will become property of Hot Rods by HG™ and will not be returned to the customer, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Commissions: Consigned vehicles that are sold by Hot Rods by HG™ will take a 10% commission on the sale. Project cars or vehicles under $2500 value will take a 15% commission on the sale. Commissions are based on the actual sale price of the vehicle. Items such as freight, shipping, trucking, license, title are not included in the commission basis.

Funds: All funds will be handled through the accounts of Hot Rods by HG™. This means the buyer issues funds to Hot Rods by HG™, who holds the funds until all paper work, titles etc. and other requirements of the buyer have been met. Upon final approval from the buyer, checks will be issued to the seller by Hot Rods by HG™ for the sale amount, less commissions or any other applicable expenses.

This policy assures the seller that we have an actual buyer as Hot Rods by HG™ has the money in hand. It assures the buyer that they will get all required titles and the type and quality of vehicle they understood they were getting.

Hot Rods by HG™ has a special account to which all buyer funds are deposited and held until the transaction is completed. Buyers may direct wire funds, letter of credit or use other types of funds to be deposited prior to finalizing the sale. If personal or company checks are used for payment, transaction will be on hold until check has cleared.

Pick-up and delivery: Once a buyer is secured there are several options for transport.
1. The buyer or Hot Rods by HG™ can contact commercial Freight Companies for pick-up and delivery of vehicle.
2. Buyer provides their transport and personally does a pick-up.
3. Seller may have transport and deliver as part of the package or for an extra fee.
4. Hot Rods by HG™ can coordinate pick-up through various sources for an additional fee.

All shipping and handling of vehicles is above and beyond the listed sale price.

Settlement of Disputes: Hot Rods by HG™ will at all times in all transactions work to be fair with all parties. Should a dispute from a buyer or seller arise during a transaction, all funds will be held by Hot Rods by HG™ in a special account. Once the dispute is settled funds will be released to the proper parties.

If any dispute should go to court, such court will be held in the State of North Dakota, County of Cass. All legal actions will be in accordance to State of North Dakota Law.

Warranties: Hot Rods by HG™ will do all they can to assure accurate information is provided by the seller. All vehicles are sold "as is" with out warranty. If problems do arise after a sale, Hot Rods by HG™ may assist, within reason, the buyer in solving their problem. Seller can provide warranty on their listed vehicle if they so desire. Such warranties are solely between the buyer and the seller.

Acceptance:  "Hot Rods by HGAcceptance:  "Hot Rods by HG does reserve the right to refuse a consignment. All consignment vehicles are subject to a final approval upon receiving pictures and vehicle information."

I have read and understand the Consignment Agreement and do agree to the terms stated within, including the Service Fee if I fail to notify Hot Rods by HG™ of the vehicle sale within 24 hours.

Harlan Goerger
President Hot Rods by HG™

I have read and understand the preceding policies and agree to such policies.

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