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1931 Ford Model A Woody Camper

Allan A. Sheppard, Owner

Fargo, ND





Horace, ND 58047

1931 Ford Model A Woody Camper

Allan A. Sheppard, Owner


Allan found this replica unit in Washington State, the wood had been cut and fitted, some of the mechanicals had been addressed and it need finish work.

 There was lots of documentation with the unit. The previous owner did a great deal of research to make sure the camper was correct. Luckily he found an original one to copy from only 100 miles away.

 We did the chassis and fender work as well as all the steel parts for paint and finish. Another friend of Al’s is doing the finish work on the wood and we reassemble the Camper to turnkey operation.

 Our understanding is that only 100 or so of the Woody Sedan Deliveries were converted to the Campers. Most of them were sent to South America.  

This is how the unit arrived to us. Looks like it’s just about done?? It has to be completely disassembled to finish it off and then reassembled. Originally it came with fiberglass front fenders; Allan decided he wanted the steel ones with the spare tire well.

A rare shot of the balding head of HG. Here we are fitting the spare tire carrier into the steel fender. 1929 units had the well back further on the fender; this interfered with the door opening. 1930 units had it further forward so the door would open.

The well has been fully welded in and ground down. Some fiberglass sealer on the top and underside will seal it from moisture. Yes the wood was fully covered while welding and grinding.

The cowl was removed for painting to eliminate masking off the wood. This left nothing holding the wood body on. This made it easy to lift as a unit.


One front fender is ready for primer.

That’s Allan on the right and the long hair is Josh one of our part-time guys. Looks like some real gray matter is turning here.


The wood has been lifted as a unit off the frame and onto a small trailer for transport.

Suppose you could figure out what is was going down the road? When it comes back it will be fully sanded, stained and sealed. We just have to bolt it all back together.

Josh sure seems to contemplate a lot, here it’s with HG.

The chassis was prepped for media blasting and taken in. Once blasted it was painted semi gloss black all over and under.

One more shot of the painted chassis. The engine will be scuffed and painted the correct green on the proper areas.


Also, we will pull all the chassis bearings and bushings to clean any type of grit out from the blasting.

The cowl had some patches put in on the lower end of both sides, thus there were ripples on both sides that needed some hammer and heat/shrink work along with the filler.

Josh is working! Sand, then sand some more. Working on the front fender to get them as straight as possible.


30 Chevy coupe with suicide doors in the background.


Allan’s rear fenders are in the back on the floor.

The chassis is back in the shop. Wheels, bearings and brakes are checked and cleaned. Engine is painted and the body is back on the frame.

The interior is being worked on. The cowl goes over the bottom main wooden structure and under the roof header.

A big empty space, wheel wells were painted, body squared up and back doors fitted to a square hole. Lots of screws in this wood box. 

The body is bolted down, engine wired and fired, brakes are good and ready for sheet metal.


55 Merc SunValley in the background.

The doors squared up, no glass in the back yet nor taillights. Fenders are on the rear.

The large window screens are in, back glass is in, fenders on and final assembly of all the little parts.

The ice box is mounted as well as the wash pan and roof mounted water tank. Mounts for the bed are fastened in and rear door latches are mounted. The trays on the side are for roll up curtains.


The round ball on the bottom is Josh’s shaved head.

With the grill, bumper, lights, horn, fenders and hood in place, it looks like a 31 Woody. Windshield is also in place.

Brad sets the front seat pads which are screwed to the floor.

Just about there, spare tire is mounted; all the front sheet metal is on, engine runs.

We’re done. Allan wants to finish up the rest himself and there is still plenty to do.


Front seats are in, Billy’s Cover-Up did the seat covers.

The doors were not finished by the wood worker, so we set them in place for storage and transport. Allan will finish up the rest.

Nice original looking rig, should give Allan lots of fun on this camping trips.


The black vinyl top will be put on later. Right now its time for storage before the snow flies.

One more last shot of the tail. Note the taillights mounted under the body.

Its April of 2005 and here the camper is entered in the Toppers Car Show. Now complete with an extra piece of cargo.


The canoe is a full wood unit.

One more look at the Toppers Show. Lots of comments on the neat “Woody”.

The finished interior and dash. Just needs a floor mat to finish it off.

The fold down bed on the right, the ice box on the left, water tank on top right and barbecue grill with a Ford insignia on the lower left. Imagine roughing it with this outfit??



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