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Current Project,
Restoration: 1930 Ford AA Truck  Work to be done: This is the truck we had listed for sale and sold to Larry V. from San Diego, CA. He then asked us to restore the unit without major mechanical rebuilding. The unit was very solid and straight, very little rust to speak of. Here is the story.

Click pictures for a larger view.

Here we have the wooden grain box removed and the truck is ready for cleanup and body work. 
Here the cab is stripped of all glass, rubber, moldings, gauges, seats etc. to give us good access. We did find both front and rear mounts broken off and the doors had multiple cracks that would not have been found if not stripped.
The top of the cab could move 2-3" and the doors did not fit. Both front and rear cab mounts were broken loose from the rough roads.
Here is the driver side rear mount after repair and new bolts.
We did find a lot of damage on the back of the cab that was hidden by the box. Looks like something got jambed between the box and cab. 
Here is the fenders with the first coat of primer. An old weld repair and some small dings. No rust and good metal to work with. 
The right side is very straight. The running board was twisted up from running over something. Just straighten the brackets, some minor welding.
This is some of the scary stuff we find. The pitman arm has wire wrapped around it to hold steering arm on. These are adjustable joints but the old owners didn't know how to adjust them. 
These are the 20" bud wheels all glass beaded and primed. Some finish paint and new tires will make it like new.
Here is the wooden grain box at the blasters. We had it glass blasted to remove the blue paint. The redwood really looks good with very little damage.
Here is a close up of the right rear corner. We are leaving the flaws in the wood for that "character" of the original 70 year old box.
Here is the inside of the box. The wood will get a light colored stain and then sealer, inside, outside and underside.  
When sanding the cowl we bumped the trim and it broke. Full of dirt and rust we tried but no go on salvage.
We found a stainless trim piece with minor dents. Straightened and painted it.
This pile is the hood and all small parts stripped and ready for final prep work. Every part is gone over 3-4 times before painting.
Rough roads over lots of years broke the firewall mounts for the radiator. On the trucks right side we cut in a new patch.
The cab back was really tough. Lots of oil-can in the metal. Lots of shrinking to get this straight.
The dents have been worked out, welding done and filler skimmed on. Ready for fill primer and 400 block sanding.
Same on the back, ready for the fill primer and 400 blocking. If all is good we'll be ready to paint.
Here the PPG Global primer has been applied and ready for block sanding.
This is an example of what you can find once in to a project. Looked solid before we took it out. Found a good used one from another shop.
Finally, painted parts! Takes time to get to this.
The cab is painted a dark olive green. Wheels and interior are the same color.
The chassis is painted underneath as well as on top. Steam cleaning and lots of scraping along with scotch brites and wax/grease remover
The box is back on the unit and most of the truck is reassembled.
A few small parts and the top to put on and the job is done. Just about ready for the first show.
The truck looks good, but a simple pin stripe can make a big difference. A light tan was used along the cab side, front bumper, wheels and box.
Greg Scott did the pin stripe and had an artistic moment. Thus the wheat stalks on the grain gate. Took about 2 hours for all the striping.
Here we are with roof on, pin stripes and every thing working!
Toppers Show 3/31/01 and a First Place in truck category.



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