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36 Plymouth Front Axle Change Over

Allan had purchased this 36 as is and wanted a better ride, better steering and different stance on the car. This is the installation of a modified Mustang/Pinto front end and power steering.

The first thing is to get the front sheet metal off and mark the frame for reference.
This is the front straight axle with disk brake conversion. It's a nice setup and was sold very quickly.
We had to change the engine mounts from a front mount to a side mount for cross member clearance. Here both are shown.
After measuring 3-4 times the cross member is ready to go in.
The frame needed to be notched on both sides to allow the cross member to fit. We also pushed the cross member up to lower the car more.
The cross member is mounted and welded into place. Cross member should be parallel or level with the ground, not the frame.
A side shot of the cross member installed. It is fully welded all the way around the top and both sides.
Borgerson joints and double D shafts make up the new steering shaft. The ride and steering are much better.
The power steering pump, rack and pinion and fenders are installed. Here is the final rake, a good 4-5" drop from the straight axle. Some small tires were required for turning clearance.

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