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Current Project,
Restoration: 1946 Dodge W Truck  Work to be done: Charles, out of Ohio,  purchased this truck in South Dakota and had us pick it up and evaluate its condition. We got the go ahead to do the restoration back to original condition.

Click pictures for a larger view.

A long time farm truck with some very nice sheet metal and very little rust. Lots of mice though!
A closer look at the sheet metal and how straight it is. Very little damage and even the fenders are not bad.
The box is off, wheels have been reversed to expose brake drums for blasting.
Only 4 bolts, some wires and cables and the cab is off. All components were removed to leave just the shell for blasting.
The front clip comes off as a unit (per shop manual). Once disassembled it was blasted and prepped for paint.
The frame horns needed some repair. The rear springs were also not mounted correctly. The brakes were gone through, rear seals replaced and some mechanical adjustments. 
The chassis and engine less sheet metal ready for the media blasting.
As with most farm trucks the back and top of the cab had dents. Most came out very quickly and very little repair needed.
The cab is very solid and very few dents. Only a couple of cracks to weld and 2 little patches on the inside kick panel for rust.
Dodge used this flat 6 for 25 years. Always a silver color. This one runs very smooth and quiet. 
We have paint. After some research PPG Global single stage was applied. Dodge Truck Red is the factory color. Cab is painted inside, underside and outside.
The nose, hood and trim parts are all painted off the truck and will be assembled once the rest of the parts are painted.
Here we go with final assembly, cab, fenders, components are all mounted, glass is installed.
The interior before seats and mat are installed. New wood on the floor, this was painted prior to final installation.
Some of the detail, all gauges were taken apart, cleaned and painted, some thought they were new!
Once all the parts are bolted on we drop the box back on. Chuck is going to build a stake bed for the unit himself. 
Here is Chuck with the Dodge loaded for the trip home to OH. He is collecting feed bags, shovels and other old farm items for the trucks display. Look for him in the OH area shows.



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