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1957 Chevrolet Hardtop, Fuel Injected

This 57 was brought to us after other shops had put rear quarters on and finished the floor work. It had just been placed back on the frame. We did the final body work and paint and the owner had someone else assemble the car.


The firewall is painted along with the dash first. The exterior is primed and block sanded to remove all waves and dips.
Here the body is blocked and straight, ready for a seal coat.
The seal coat provides a barrier between the paint and the sub layers and aids in adhering the paint.
This is a tri-coat or 3 product paint job. The first layer is the base red with flake. This coat goes on and dries with a flat look.
It's hard to see, but a tint coat is applied. The more tint the darker the color.
Now the clear coat is applied and brings out the flake and tint in the lower layers. This also provides the UV protection for the paint.
The paint is cut and buffed and ready for delivery.
One more view of the 57 with fresh paint.
Dave the owner with his award winning 57.

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