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Current Project,
Restoration: 1967 Dodge Dart GTS 383

  Work to be done: Maynard had bought this unit new in 67, raced it for awhile, got set aside and then decided it was time to resurrect the rare 383 4 speed Dart. For his story and pictures click on the link to his web page. www.maynards67dartgts.com


1967 Dodge Dart GS, 383 with 4 speed

Owner: Maynard Anderson, Spring Field, IL


Maynard had contacted us about restoring the 67 Dart he had purchased new in 67 from the local dealer. It is an all original, numbers matching, 383 High Performance with a 4 speed transmission and 8 ¾ posi rear end. The interior has buckets and counsel with manual front disc brakes and manual steering.


He had drag raced the unit for several years and then it sat for even more years. In August of 02 it arrived at our location for full restoration. Maynard had pulled the interior out and a new Black vinyl top had been installed. Here is the process the car went through.


The grill and bumpers were removed before we got the unit. Hood scoop is bolted to the hood, windshield is out and the car is halfway apart.

A different right fender was supplied as well as a used hood with out the scoop.

The dash and counsel had been pulled along with the seats and carpet. The floor looked solid at this time.

The body was solid for the most part and not very beat up. Bottom chrome was missing, as were the original clips for the molding.

The lower quarters were another item. Plenty of rust all along the bottom. Maynard had supplied new full quarter panels for us to install.

The vinyl top is new; trunk lid is original along with back trim and bumper.

The 383 engine needs some work, runs but not real well. Note the holes at the rear of fender well. These were for “fender well headers that were used on the car.

Here is the trunk, no real issues on the floor or in the trunk area.

When the Dart was pulled into our shop we first masked off the vinyl top and covered it with plastic and cardboard to assure no damage from cutting, welding or other activities.

The view as we start working on the Dart, quarters will be first.

Here the fenders, hood and other parts have been pulled so we can get at the fender wells. Maynard had supplied used inner fenders for us to install.

The inner fenders were removed one side at a time to avoid any movement of the frame rails. Lots of drilling spot- welds to retain the factory seams.

Here the right side panel is in place and spotted in. It will be stripped and all seams sealed.

The left inner fender is mounted and stripped. The area along the firewall had to be rebuilt as it had been cut away for the fender well headers.

Here both inner fenders are installed and in the process of prepping for finish work.

When you see a small spot of rust, figure 4X what you see. The left quarter is cut off to expose the rust up the side of the quarter. Note the inner fender damage and trunk floor. These will be cut back and rebuilt.

Troy is working on the right side inner structure and fitting new metal in to replace the rust that was cut out. All seams will be sealed on both sides to prevent any moisture from getting into the new metal.

The left quarter is fitted and welded on. Filler work is started to smooth the welding area.

The right quarter is on, welded and sealed. Filler work is started using 80 grit paper. Note the cardboard over the side window to assure no grinding or welding spatter where it is not wanted.

The left quarter and door are in the first coat of primer and ready for blocking. The front inner fender will be put in and then the unit will be mounted to the turner.

We find pinholes in the driver’s floor as well as the passenger floor. The more we look the more we find. A decision to replace both full pans.

The passenger floor pan has all the spot welds drilled out and is marked for cutting out. We want to make sure we catch as many factory seams as we can.

A Fred Flintstone Car, drivers floor pan is out and all the edges and mounting points are cleaned and prepped.

Not the best picture, the two floor pans are installed and welded in place. Some finishing work with fiberglass filler to seal it up will be done.

The bottom side of the floor pans after being welded in and the seams cleaned up. The bottom of the car has been blasted to clean everything off.

This is before the pans were replaced, the unit was put on “body turners” so we can rotate the unit 360 degrees if needed. Not the rear axle and front suspension are removed.

Another shot of the body on the turner, note the access to the bottom side. Also that the front inner fenders are in place.

The dash was pulled when we received the car, we took the heater and all other items out so we can clean and paint all the steel.

Here the dash panel is stripped to metal and prepped for paint.

The second used hood is brought out and inspected for damage. It was stripped to bare metal on both sides.

The top of the hood had some minor issues that were addressed and very minimal filler is used on the hood.

More rust, front bumper brackets were to rough to save, got some good used ones.

The old brake and fuel lines were removed and all plumbing was replaced with stainless steel lines and new clips. The residual and balance valve were taken apart and cleaned.

The front K member was removed almost right away and blasted. All bushings and bearings were replaced; all parts were inspected for wear.

Even the rear end gears were completely dismantled and new bearings and posi clutches were installed.

The rear leaf springs were dismantled and blasted. Inspected for wear and new bushings and bolts were installed. The interface pads were saved and coated with graphite and new clamps were installed to hold the springs together.

All of the suspension parts were cleaned and powder coated in semi gloss black.

The assembled rear axle with new bearings throughout, new brake cables, cylinders and seals.

The chassis was painted first with PPG Concept. This is a single stage paint that has shown to be very durable. Every inch of the chassis is painted including the inside floors.

The trunk floor and all related areas are painted; we don’t want any rust on this one again.

A good shot of the underside painted. The doors are off at this time and the quarter panels are in final primer.

The chassis parts are installed and the car is rolled into another area for the final sheet metal paint. Here the base coat has been put on. We paint the unit with fenders on to eliminate color differences.

Once painted the assembly starts, here the engine compartment is put back together, master cylinder is painted along with other items such as relay covers, wiper motor etc.

Assembly continues with trim and chrome being put on. The rocker clips are in place but the 67 chrome does not fit the 68 clips, which were all we could locate.

Another shot of the car upon assembly. Nice straight panels and great paint!

The engine compartment is complete and waiting for a fresh 383.

The dash is complete and assembled with a fresh coat of paint, new pad and fresh painted steering wheel. Lots of new dash trim to make this a great looker. New windshield is also in.

First time out of the shop. We didn’t get any pictures of the engine going in for some reason, but the Dart moved on its own.

A very solid and fresh restoration that will give Maynard many years of enjoyment!

Wish we had the side chrome and the red line tires on it! More pictures to come once Maynard has installed the interior.

The proud owners as the get ready to head back to IL with their prize.


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