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History of Hot Rods by HG™

As a farm boy growing up in small town ND Harlan began taking apart old lawn mowers and getting them running again. Neighbor boys brought their scooters, go carts and motorcycles to him to get running. Later on it was the old trucks and cars to keep them going.

After building his first 450 hp 390 Ford for his 64 2dr Galaxy for around $450 using lots of used parts, tri power manifold and cast headers, others brought projects to him.   Building other big block Fords, then some Mopars, customizing a 70 Challenger . . .

. . . and building some custom motorcycles such as his 45 Harley Trike followed.

harley_trike_sm.jpg (11642 bytes)

1945 Harley Trike,
45 ci., 5 gal. rear fuel tank, 6" springer front.

Some racing of snowmobiles, (we have snow in the North Country) dirt bikes and other stuff followed.

In '76 wife and kids came on the scene which put a halt to the personal toys, so shoes and food became priorities. Still, several custom motorcycles and cars for others were built. 

Harley Chopper built for customer.

Harley_Choppersm.jpg (13264 bytes)

Always in touch with the auto scene HG went at it again in 90's starting with his dads old 72 Chevrolet C-10. A simple restoration turned into a full-blown custom. Chassis mod's such as independent rear suspension (86 T-Bird), lowered from tube "A" arms, LT-1 350 with computer, 700-R modified for racing, hydraulic tip front clip and box, 3" chopped top and custom dash to mention a few things that people hadn't seen before. 

72_chev_hydrsm.jpg (13498 bytes)

'72 Chevrolet truck.

Today Hot Rods by HG™ is located on a rural farm setting with a fully equipped shop, computers, Internet and transport equipment. A love for cars and seeing them fully functional for others to enjoy is the main motivation behind the business. The main purpose is to provide a service to connect projects with people who will complete them or have us complete them.

Check us out; let's get you and your project off to a good start.



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