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Services provided at Horace, ND Location.

Complete chassis work from new frame construction to existing chassis modifications.

Frame building, mount front clips, rear suspension mod's, boxing frames, after market suspensions installed, late model 86-90 T-Bird IRS suspensions.

Front clip installed on
'72 pickup frame

72_chev_front_frame_clip.jpg (18179 bytes)

Body modifications, chop tops, suicide doors, smoothing, frenching and custom painting.

Chopping top on '47 Dodge

dodge_chopped_top.jpg (10012 bytes)

Automatic transmissions rebuilt and upgraded, high performance kits installed.

Wiring of complete cars a well as upgrading of units to modern fuel injection.

Shop: Our 3,000 square foot shop has in-floor heat, extensive lighting, 30 foot long paint area, 1500 square foot upper deck storage for parts. Equipment includes frame jig, Mig welders, 2 ton hoist and trolley, plasma cutter, pattern cutter and sandblast equipment.

Shop rates are $50.00 per hour.


bulletInterested in our custom service?  To view our Custom Service Agreement, Click [Here].



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