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A listing of project cars that have sold with a bit of info for you. Enjoy and perhaps we can help you find your project??

1920 Overland body parts and chassis with wood wheels. New home in Canada.
27 T body with roll cage and tubs. going to make a neat rod in LA
A chopped 29 A, with Mustang front and all the sheet metal, we added steel floors and filled roof. Out of MN and a new home in AL
A barn fresh 29 A, complete but not running, out of MN and a new home in MN
An older restoration, this 30 A was a steal with an extra frame and parts. Out of ND and went to fine gentleman in PA.
Not much, but good start on a 30 AA truck cab, out of SD.
30 A 5 window with straight axle, good sheet metal, out of ND and a new home in NY with Tom and his boys.
30 A 5 window on a tube chassis, Mustang front out of ND and a new home in OR State.
A running 30 A 5 Window with extra parts. New home in Hollywood, CA to become a 40's nostalgia rod for Shane.
This 30 A 5 window project is in OH with Richard getting it finished.
This 30 A 4 door had some of the best fenders I have seen. ND grown with a new home in ID.
30 Chevy parts car, some parts left, heading to LA.
30 A sedan cut to a tub, running flat head V8, pre 50's running gear.
30 AA truck, very complete project, good sheet metal, new home in TX.
31 5 window that was started in the 60's and stored, good metal, rumble seat, engine turned. Sold at swap meet in MN.
A very solid and complete 32 Chevy coupe. This one was still standing. ND vintage with a new home in MN.
33 Plymouth coupe with lots of parts and work done. MN unit that stayed in MN
33 Plymouth coupe body and frame. Here is Chuck and his boy from western ND.
33 Ford Tudor, complete with turning flathead V8. Mike from NJ came and got this gem.
A shell, but this 34 Chevy 2dr out of SD found a new owner.
A 36 Dodge Humpback Panel, stripped and ready for the final touch. New home in AL at a rod shop!
36 Chevy Tudor project, no fenders but has the steel doors. New life in WI.
A 37 Ford 2dr shell. SD origin and a new owner.
38 Ford Pkup with V8 Flathead, complete non-running and a new home in NC.
A very complete and solid 38 Chevy Business Coupe. Stored for years by our neighbor and a new home in AZ. Will be a restoration.
39 Chevy 4dr, lot better shape than it looks. MN unit now in LA, CA.
40 Chevy Tudor sedan, complete, reasonably solid, ND car now in San Diego, CA.
A very solid 40 Chevy Coupe, runs!! very complete, new home in Santa Ana, CA from MT.
Very solid 41 Ford Tudor body, no engine has extra hood. New home in NJ.
41 Pontiac Silver Streak with Chevy drive train. Runs and drives. New home with Dan in Sweden.
A pair of Whitehorse delivery vans with Franklin Air Cooled aircraft engines. New home at a creamery museum in PA. 
47 Ford 4 door with Flathead V8, complete unit heading to VT. 
47 Ford tudor with 41 front end, flathead V8, very solid body. New home with Chris & Lisa in MN.
A very complete 47 Ford Tudor with flathead V8, stored most of its life. New life in CO.
47 Mack COE, crew cab with winch, new home with Keenan in KS.
47 Dodge Semi with low boy trailer, new home in Canada.
A complete and driving 48 Ford 2dr. Out of ND, the new owners out of WI did consider driving it home.
48 Chevy Pkup that is very solid, runs and drives. Found a new home in Hugo, MN with a young man named Jon. 
48 Ford 2ton, flathead V8, 5 speed, 2sp axle, hoist, runs and drives. MN origin now in FL.
A complete 48 Willis Pkup, non running but solid. From MN to AZ.
A solid 48 Chevy Coupe, no drive train but good metal and trim. New home in MN.
48 Chevy Business Coupe, complete, some rough spots but otherwise solid unit. Sold locally in ND.
This 50 Dodge panel is in great shape. Out of SD went locally in ND.
This very solid 50 Studebaker is out of ND and went to Minneapolis, MN area. Harry the past owner and Hank the new owner.
This 50 Chevy has new interior, all rust and body work done, good paint. Now in IL with V8 making a nice driver.
A complete and neat 53 Chevy 2dr out of ND and sold in ND
Running driving 53 Ford F100 with 6cyl, lots of new parts. New home in FL.
1953 New Yorker with Hemi Engine, fluid drive, solid unit sold to young man in Mpls, MN.
Very solid 1954 Chevy 2 ton truck, complete, but not running. Now in MN.
1954 Meto project, does run but need full restoration. Very complete unit, new home in IN.
Complete running 55 Packard coupe, V8, torsion suspension. Now in KS.
A very complete and reasonably solid 55 Buick 4 door. Now in Reno, NV.
55 Mercury Sunvalley, (glass top) complete car needing some final work and assembly. Bank VP from Miami, FL now the new owner.
55 Olds 98 four door project, very complete for Frank in TX.
A 57 Chevy Hardtop project, 283 with 3 speed, most of the parts there, needed some quarters and other work. New home in SD.
Here was a project in the works, 63 Fairlane with new interior, engine, 4 spd. ND car and sold ND
This 65 SS Impala was on as a project for a year. We finished it off, new paint, interior, fresh 396 and sold at auction for not enough to dealer in ID.
67 AMC Rebel SST, 290, auto, counsel, rusty but complete, now in AZ.
A complete but none running 68 Buick GS, California car with a new home in WI.
71 Riv needing a little work, but complete. MN unit sold in MN



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