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Find transportation for your ride!

This page is intended to help you find transportation for the car you purchase. Hot Rods by HG is not a truck broker and makes nothing on the shipping. Transportation is the responsibility  of the buyer. The following links and lists are available so you can find the best transport for the dollar.

A complete running car will be hauled by most any trucker, projects that do not run or drive will not be hauled by many truckers, so check around and be sure you know they will take the load. 

Hot Rods by HG will assist in getting the cars loaded at their site in Horace, ND. If special handling or crating is required, extra charges will be added. 

TRUCKERS, want to be on this page? Send us your info by email

Land and sea shipping       http://www.shipmyvehicle.com
Phone: 1-877-512-2227
4100 Alpha Road Ste. 700
Dallas, TX 75244

car shipping, motorcycle shipping

List of truckers for all types of transport

Has truckers list with fax/email contact for quotes

Has over 60 truckers, instant quotes

Free shipping quotes                                    1-(888) 749-7171

Coast to coast, 8-10 car haulers, open, free quotes                                                             1.570.752.0557

Calgary Alberta, Canada   2 car hauler, running, non-running into Canada

Schumacher Car Shipping   Since 1977  Free Quotes

Transporters Direct  Deal directly with the certified transporter who will actually transport your vehicle.  No broker overcharges or middleman hassles.  Save time, aggravation, and money
http://www.gotruckgo.com           David Bauer        dave@gotruckgo.com

Truckers we have used:

B & P Trucking
4984 W 1200 S                                                317-432-3155 cell
Poland, IN 47868                                              765-376-5830 cell
6-8 car hauler, non-runners nation wide

Bear Tooth Auto Transport                        1-800-788-7173
1121 South 32nd St West                               1-406-652-7181 fax
Billings, Montana  59108
Open car transports, Northern states from East to West Coast:   Running cars only

Kimberly Auto Mart Inc.                               1-319-445-0667
6425 West Kimberly Road                             1-319-445-6799 fax
Davenport, Iowa  52806
Open transports, 3 car flats, most states

Dennis Locke Transport                         
Annandale, Minnesota  55302                      1-320-236-2326 off
Open flat bed, ND/MN to AZ/TX region

S&J Auto Sales                                            1-320-236-7477 off
3531 Co Rd 3 NW                                          1-320-236-2475 fax
Annandale, MN 55302                                   1-612-269-8375 cell
Open transport, rollbacks, most state

Red Paine                                                        1-204-727-4548
Brandon, MT Canada                                        1-204-725-7868
3 car trailer, non drivers or drivers, 48 states

Greg Fllaskerur Trucking                              1-507-294-3446
Kiester, MN                                                        1-507-383-2025 cell
3 car trailer, non drivers or drivers, Midwest

Kiwi Delivery                                                     1-870-307-5322
Lindsay King

American Classic & Transport                      1-406-752-5163
John Adams
Open 3 car trailers, non drivers, 48 states

C & A Transport, LLc
Zimmerman, Minnesota 55398                  1-763-856-0920 Office
40' Enclosed Featherlite Gooseneck        1-763-360-2966 Cell
Most States                                                     catransportllc@yahoo.com
David Cimbura


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